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Working your way through the maze of 'energy use and cost reduction' options available today? We can help.

  • Energy costs are going up. How do you avoid major surprises in your gas and electric bills?
  • Who are reputable suppliers of natural gas and electricity?
  • How can you be sure you're getting a good deal?
  • What products and services can best help you minimize your ENERGY USE?
  • Who has the expertise to help you analyze and prioritize options?

TDI Energy Solutions for Business has been successfully guiding companies through their energy cost and use 'mazes' for more than 10 years.

Navigating the quickly changing and increasingly complex world of energy risk management is challenging. New energy-related technologies–with varying levels of effectiveness–come and go. Salespeople call constantly. How can you be assured that the product or service vendors are offering will achieve their promised goals, or are the best solutions for your needs? TDI energy experts cut through the marketing hype, know what produces results–and what doesn’t.  We’ve done the research, tested the products and vetted the service providers.  We’ve done the shopping, so you can do what you do best–run your business.

Energy Cost and Risk Management

Who you buy energy from, and what program they have you on, can mean a difference of thousands of dollars.  Even if you have no choice of energy providers, you do have important selections to make.  Ignorance can cost you money.

Reduce your energy pricing risk by getting expert help with energy billing and purchasing.

Energy Monitoring & Use Analysis

Knowing precisely how energy is being used at your facility is powerful.  Most companies have only a general sense of how their energy dollars are being spent. Traditional energy monitoring systems are complex and expensive–but now there are powerful alternatives. Sensor data analysis reveals opportunities for energy savings.

Smart sensor technology now enables companies to affordably monitor energy use on specific motors and processes–in real time.

Improving HVAC and Refrigeration Efficiency

Cooling systems experience a dramatic loss in efficiency within the first 3 years of use. Conventional wisdom says that most current remedies don’t work.  Independent testing is proving a new nanotechnology is restoring cooling systems to like-new condition and maintaining efficiency levels.

What if you could save up to 30% on your cooling costs?

Additional Energy Solutions

Almost every commercial, industrial and institutional facility has opportunities to capture savings by reducing energy use and costs—if you know where to look.  TDI Energy Solutions strategic partners can also help you capture rebates, credits and incentives, reduce demand and balance loads to reduce energy costs.  Getting a second opinion is always a good idea.

Get a fresh perspective with our complementary assessment process to help you identify potential energy and cost saving options–and give you an overview of possible paths to solutions.

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