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New Insights Into Your Energy Use Reveal Substantial Savings

At most facilities, the only power measuring equipment was installed by the local utility. They aren't interested in how you use the energy, just how much.

The result: utility company energy data meets their needs, not yours.


Utility bills cannot provide enough detail about precisely where and how energy is being used–or in a form that helps you optimize energy use.

Energy intensive equipment and processes often run inefficiently–without management's knowledge–costing many  thousands of dollars each year. Some organizations have installed energy monitoring systems in an attempt to determine  how energy is used. These traditional energy monitoring systems are often not utilized because they are complex and extremely expensive.  

Fortunately, there are newer, cost effective alternatives.

Next Generation Energy Monitoring

                                  Basic System Components

                                 Basic System Components

Sub-Metering Technology–with a Critical Difference

Some of the most significant energy saving opportunities are only apparent after combining:

  • Process-related information
  • Real-time metrics collected from multiple energy use sensors
  • Sophisticated data analysis–correlating process data with energy use
  • Presentation in a user-friendly interface

TDI's engineering partners are pioneers in the use of "smart sensor" technology–focusing on remote monitoring applications to reduce energy costs.

Would you like to know more precisely how your energy dollars are being spent? We can help you find your "energy hogs" and identify realistic solutions for scaling back on those unnecessary costs.

Affordable, Portable & Scalable Data Analysis

Energy “sub-metering” with “smart sensors” can now be easily and rapidly deployed and deliver data in a very usable form.  All this is achieved with tools that are scalable, customizable and perhaps most importantly… affordable–often with little or no capital cost.

For a small investment, smart sensor energy monitoring can reveal thousands of dollars in potential savings.

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