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Services: Natural Gas Procurement and Risk Management

Smart Shopping Alternative To The Calls You Get From All Those Natural Gas Telemarketers

Competition is essential in energy cost management.  In states that are “deregulated” for natural gas supply, companies have the ability to purchase their natural gas supply needs from a range of suppliers.  Better rates often exist, but If you are not getting competitive bids, you are missing important opportunities to achieve optimum pricing and contractual terms.

Many variables affect the market price of natural gas. These include weather, storage levels, production, demand from residential and business requirements, etc. Emerging factors include the switch from coal fired electric generation to natural gas and international demand as new LNG processing facilities are built.

TDI has teamed up with leading national energy consulting companies to help our clients manage their natural gas procurement risk.

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We believe:

Let energy suppliers bid competitively for your business. Accept an immediate competitive quote. Or, better yet, allow companies to continue to bid while you wait and watch for a price you like.

Does your facilities manager shop for your energy needs? This may be a perfect thing to entrust these essential energy requirements to our consultant experts.

How we can help you

  • If you are concerned with large and increasing costs for natural gas;

  • We draw on over 200 years of collective energy management expertise, we can customize solutions for your needs in most deregulated States;

  • Through our innovative and unique Reverse Auction Platform, the procurement process is streamlined, allowing you to identify the best market rates and execute a contract in less than 15 minutes;

  • With in-house counsel to review contracts and a dedicated Portfolio Manager, you will receive the personalized attention that you need; and

  • Our customers have seen significant savings and ease of process, freeing them up to focus on their core business.

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