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How We Can Help You

We conduct a free assessment of your situation to see if there is a potential fit with any of our products and services. We often find money saving opportunities in areas such as the following:

  • Incentives from the utility companies to pay you for reducing how much you use. They pay you to reduce when it is needed most.
  • Finding opportunities for you to reduce or shift loads. The cheapest kilowatt rate is the one you don't have to buy.
  • Helping you buy natural gas and electric supplies. You get predictable and reasonable costs.
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency of your HVAC and refrigeration needs.
  • And many more. We won't bore you with our list of products and services, but we will suggest solutions that we think can help you save money.

The TDI Team

TDI President, Brian Reinke, is an advocate for industrial & commercial customers. His broad knowledge of the issues related to energy cost and efficiency improvement has served them well as he consults on the complex, fluid and fast-moving energy sector.

     Brian Reinke, President

     Brian Reinke, President

After an IT career spanning 20 years, Reinke wanted to change focus, so he created his own company, TDI Energy Solutions in 2001.  The deregulation of electric and natural gas utilities in many parts of the country left organizations unsure of their options. Reinke created TDI to guide companies through the maze of issues to improve profit and minimize risk.

He leads a team of associates and strategic affiliates, working throughout the continental United States. Today, TDI provides a unique combination of energy cost-saving products and services that help his clients be more efficient and profitable.

Reinke is adamant that TDI be a model of corporate integrity. Affiliates are required to not only excel at what they do, but also to be aligned to similar core values.

Our strategic affiliates are leaders in the areas of:

Energy Cost Management: auditing, risk management, procurement, etc.

Energy Use Analysis: metering, analysis and savings opportunities

Energy Use Reduction: identify opportunities, implement, verify savings

Cooling and Refrigeration Heat Transfer Technology: dramatic efficiency improvement

Lighting Improvements: retrofits, new technologies, commissioning


TDI associates and strategic partners are affiliated with the following organizations:

National Veteran Owned Business Association (NAVOBA), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), US DOE Smartways Program and the American Foundry Society (AFS).


Federal System for Award Management (SAM) Cage Code: 7CLJ9

NAICS Codes:

      541690 (Energy Consulting Services)

      423740 (Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies)

TDI Consulting, Inc.     Toll Free: 877-343-1580