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Info: Why Choose TDI Energy Solutions?

Free to focus on our customers' best interests

Few commercial, industrial or municipal organizations have high-level in-house 'energy' expertise. Most companies can use assistance with developing a broader strategy for planning and managing their energy consumption–minimizing risk and maximizing resources. Similarly, few 'energy consultants' have the breadth of experience to address all their customers energy needs–be wary of exaggerated promises.  TDI Energy Solutions doesn't pretend to 'know it all'.  We do know who excels at what they do.  Through our nationwide community of strategic business partners, we bring these resources to serve you.

The TDI Energy Solutions strategy is simple and effective–it's not about us:

1.  We listen, and uncover your energy risk reduction needs.

2.  We match you, our customers, with the perfect providers for YOUR  specific needs–throughout the USA–no matter how large or small your organization.

3.  There is no "up-front" fee for our services–we help you explore options for cutting your energy use and costs for free.  

4.  We are truly independent–not tied to any product or service provider.

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