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How do you determine if my company is a good fit for TDI Energy Solutions Services?

Our services are often a best fit for mid-sized and larger businesses. However, we will be happy to review your annual utility expenses and potential for other energy savings opportunities during our complementary assessment of your particular situation. [hr]

My budget is pretty tight; how is TDI paid for their services?

In general, our fees are paid by the strategic partner we engage to work with you.  Some of our fees may be earned as a portion of the savings we find for you. Different fee structures are utilized, based on the nature of the services that you are interested in. We always provide a proposal of fees and services, with potential benefits, at no charge. [hr]

My Accounting Department reviews all bills for accuracy before paying them. Why should I engage TDI to do a utility bill audit?

While your Accounting Department is doing the best they can, their review is probably focused on ensuring the bills are relatively consistent. However, embedded errors can result in consistent, yet erroneous bills. The complexity of utility bills make a detailed analysis a daunting task. Dozens of variables must be considered with respect to the level of risk you wish to incur. Ultimately, an active energy management system should be utilized to maximize your savings and ensure quality service. [hr]

How much time can I expect my employees to spend working with you to do a utility bill audit?

Very little time is required on the part of your employees. We will rely on your employees to make copies of your bills for our analysis. Your utility company may even make copies of your invoices available on-line. We then ask for a brief meeting to review the potential savings opportunities that we have identified. [hr]

I have an in-house procurement team. Why do I need TDI to help me with natural gas, electricity and/or telecom procurement?

Indeed, some companies are large enough that they have such resources in-house, however most do not. We utilize competitive bidding procedures that factor in your risk tolerance levels. We also offer energy management systems to provide the insight as to how well your procurement activities are performing. Many companies have found our services to be a very affordable alternative to trying to recruit and maintain such expertise with full-time employees. [hr]

Will TDI provide me with the name of reference accounts?

Absolutely! However, we prefer to obtain the permission of our clients to serve as a reference for specific potential client requirements. We appreciate such references and strive to maximize their privacy and to minimize the number of calls they get. [hr]

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