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Savings Examples: Energy Monitoring & Analysis

Industrial Plant Vacuum System Electric Savings ($200,000 per year)

Sub-metering system monitoring electric usage and vacuum pressure metrics have identified electric savings in excess of 40%, with relatively small expenditures on upgrades to modify motor control. Annual electric power bills for this system are currently $500,000 and savings of at least $200,000 per year are expected. Simple ROI is less than two months.


Induction Furnace Electric Usage Savings ($70,000 per year)

We deployed real-time power monitoring equipment to identify electricity cost saving opportunities. Electricity used by three induction furnaces was monitored. Data summaries were correlated with observations of operator procedure and practices.

Electricity savings of 10% were measured from implementations of our initial suggestions. Throughput was increased by 3.5%. Full implementation will achieve a 10% throughput increase and a 25% savings in electricity use, for a total annual savings of $70,000 per year.[hr]


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