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Panel Moderator at CastExpo
9:15 AM09:15

Panel Moderator at CastExpo

We developed and will host the following panel discussion at this major AFS convention:

Panel Title: Maintenance and R&D Cost Recovery


Spending a lot to reline and maintain your furnaces, as well as other capital equipment? Following standard accounting practice, many foundries capitalize such costs over the life of the equipment.

The panel will review and discuss an alternative approach that may allow you to take such expenses in the year they are incurred.

The Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit, which is one of the few tax credits still available to Metalcasters, will also be discussed. Once applicable to only the largest companies, recent changes in the tax law allow small and medium sized companies to also qualify. Many foundry activities are now qualified as R&D expenses.

Application of these tools can improve your cash flow and increase profits.


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78th Wisconsin Regional Conference and Exposition
8:30 AM08:30

78th Wisconsin Regional Conference and Exposition

Brian Reinke presented to metalcasting Regional Conference

Topic: Big Changes Coming to Electric Utilities

Electric bills are a major cost factor for most foundries. Until recently, such costs have been relatively stable. However, many changes to your electric service are leading to increased costs, with more big changes on the way.

This presentation reviewed the current state of the electric utilities and many of the factors that will shape how they evolve in the future.

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Speaking Engagement at Iron Melting Conference
1:00 PM13:00

Speaking Engagement at Iron Melting Conference

Brian Reinke was invited as a guest speaker for this annual conference

Topic: Your Electric Bill - What Is In It For You?

Understanding your electric bill can be a challenge. Mr. Reinke reviewed many of the components of a "typical" electric bill, even though virtually every electric utility uses a unique format.

Special focus was made for those components on the bill that have greatest impact on the total cost. Suggestions were made on where to try to identify significant savings.

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