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Products:  How To Get Paid By Your Electric Utility

Special Incentive Programs Pay You To Reduce Usage During Emergencies

Many electric utility companies and grid operators offer special incentive programs that pay you to reduce your electric use during emergencies.

Known as Demand Response programs, these can provide significant financial incentives if you can help reduce your demand when the electric system is under stress.

We get you enrolled in these programs and verify with the utility how much money you are entitled to receive for your participation.

We manage the entire process, ensuring you are properly compensated.

Why Participate?

Several reasons you may want to Participate in such a program:

  • Financial reward
  • No out-of-pocket cost
  • Reduce monthly electric cost
  • Electric system reliability.
  • Community relations.

Financial Reward

Most companies participate in demand response programs to get paid for agreeing to reduce electric usage on short notice.

No Out-of-Pocket Cost

We get you signed up in the program and install necessary electric monitoring equipment, all at no up-front cost.

Reduce Monthly Electric Cost

The monitoring equipment can also provide valuable information about how much electricity you use, at five minute intervals. Optional energy intelligence software can help identify ways to reduce the cost of your monthly electric bill.

Electric System Reliability

There are times when the electric grid is under abnormal stress. If overloaded, the entire system may shut down to protect itself. Electric utilities use demand response as one of the ways they keep the overall system running. If you can shut down unnecessary equipment, you can help "keep the lights on" and the rest of your company in operation.

Community Relations

Doing the right things to help the community may offer very justifiable opportunities to enhance the public image of your company.

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