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Keeping Up-to-Date with Energy-Saving Lighting Technology

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Have you 'seen the light' and taken advantage of the new lighting technologies that both provide better light for your employees and reduce energy cost?

As with so many products and services in the energy sector, lighting technology is quick to change.  This year's great innovation may be outdated next year.  For this reason, it is imperative to select a lighting provider who keeps abreast of the latest technologies understanding what solutions work best in specific environments–as well as what doesn't.

In recent years, many organizations have found that updating their lighting is an attractive energy saving project.  Quality of the workplace environment is often  dramatically improved and companies capture ongoing sizable cost savings–often for many thousands of dollars per year.  Add to that the fact that tax incentives exist that help reduce ROI (often to under 2 years) and these projects are typically the first to be implemented.

Competitive Bidding Simplified for You

You can shop around and get competitive bids from various providers.  However, do you have the expertise to do effective comparisons between bids?  How will you determining that the vendor is expert and charging a fair price?  Is this the best use of your time?

TDI Energy Solutions experts are able to do the shopping for you–bringing you competitive bids from a range of service providers we are sure represent the best in their fields. We assure vendors are knowledgeable about your industry (or other specific requirements) so solutions offered are tested and suited to your environment.  We also review offers to help you evaluate the 'nitty gritty details' and select the most effective lighting solution based on your parameters.

There are many lighting contractors; expertise and pricing vary widely. Comparison shop with a knowledgeable and cost effective coach on your team.


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