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Big increase in ComEd (Illinois) electric supply rates June 1, 2014

ComEd (IL) electric supply rates will jump 25 - 30% on June 1 for business customers

Businesses that buy their electricity from ComEd in Northern Illinois can expect a big jump in their electric bills starting June 1, 2014.

 Click the chart for a copy of the table of ComEd rate changes

Click the chart for a copy of the table of ComEd rate changes

These increases vary, based on the tariff structure that each business is billed under. Clicking on the chart at the left will display a table of each of the affected tariffs and the relative increase to be expected.

Alternate supply sources may offer significantly better rates, but details of any agreements should be carefully reviewed to ensure that undesirable terms and conditions do not negate anticipated savings.

Energy markets are becoming more bullish and volatile, prompting more organizations to now incorporate risk management techniques in their natural gas and electric procurement activities. A variety of hedging strategies can be employed to help ensure predictable cost structures and minimize costly surprises.

Similar electric increases are expected in the Ameren (also IL) utility territory; we will post the relative increases when Ameren publishes updated rate structures.

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