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Furnace Usage Metrics Now Available for Foundry Managers


Having data on energy use at your facility, in a format that is easily available and customizable, saves foundry operations time and money.

These metrics have been developed in close conjunction with the American Foundry Society (AFS) and the AFS Energy Solutions program managed by TDI Consulting.

Utilizing a special R&D project that was funded by AFS, Dr. James Wizer has worked with several foundries for more than a year. Recently, he completed refinements on his NEEM (network enabled energy management) system that has established these key performance indicators developed specifically for foundries. Vast amounts of data are collected by inexpensive sensors and summarized, as in the example table below (many other metrics are available):

Summary of Length of Time in Different Operating Modes.jpg

Energy costs such as Cost per Ton per Heat, Tap to Tap, Ready to Tap, Cost per Alloy, etc can be also be summarized by Day, Week, Month, Shift and more.

You can also be alerted to operational issues such as furnace being “off” or “on hold” for some per-determined time that you choose to monitor.

For more information contact: Brian Reinke, AFS Energy Solutions Program 877-343-1580

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