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Brian Reinke to present at metalcasting Wisconsin Regional Conference

Topic: Big Changes Coming to Electric Utilities

When: Friday, Feb 12, 2016 at 8:30 am

Electric bills are a major cost factor for most foundries. Until recently, such costs have been relatively stable. However, many changes to your electric service are leading to increased costs, with more big changes on the way.

This presentation will review the current state of the electric utilities and many of the factors that will shape how they evolve in the future.

Panel Discussion: Energy Treasure Hunt Best Practices

TDI President, Brian Reinke, led a panel discussion at the AFS Metalcasting Congress conference in Columbus, Ohio on April 22, 2015.  The topic was "Energy Treasure Hunt Best Practices".  The panel shared real world examples of how they have enhanced the EPA-sponsored program and provided tips on how foundries can find additional savings in utilities and operations expenses.

A copy of the slide presentation is available on request by sending an email to .

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