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Savings Examples: Cooling & Refrigeration

TafeSA - Heat Pump-3rd Party Lab Test - Australia(31% performance improvement)

TafeSA (South Australia Gov’t) installed our nanotechnology solution in a 2 year old Fujitsu Heat Pump, Model AOT12LSAC High Wall Split System. This M&V was conducted in a lab under controlled conditions. The unit is an inverter type using R-410A. Post installation of our solution proved an improvement in the cooling capacity of 17.4%, a decrease in power output of 9.7% and an overall increase in system performance of 31%.

NSF Laboratory – 3rd Party Lab Test - Ice Machine - US (6% energy reduction)

NSF International certifies products and writing standards for food, water and consumer goods. In a lab, our nanotechnology solution was evaluated on a Manitowac GR0150 ice machine. The ice cycle time on the ice machine decreased from 20 minutes to 13 minutes. A 25% reduction in ice production time was attributed to the product itself. Energy consumption decreased by 6%.

HGMRI Laboratory – 3rd Party Lab Test - China (Brand new equipment performance improved by 3%)

HGMRI, (Hefei General Machinery Research Institute), is the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Compressor and Refrigeration Equipment Products for the People’s Republic of China. It is a third-party organization for comprehensive inspection, certification and evaluation (examination) with independent legal entity status. HGMRI evaluated our nanotechnology solution. Tests were supervised in 8 different conditions on a brand-new system. Our solution was able to gain 3.2% improvement in COP demonstrating its patented unique abilities to transfer heat better through metals even if oil-fouling has not yet taken place.

Andrews Air Force Base- Chiller - US

Andrews AirForce Base in MD installed Our nanotechnology solution in a Trane 170-ton Model CHVE020R00 water-cooled chiller using R134A refrigerant serving the 89th Airlift Support Group, Air Mobility Command. Following treatment with our solution the chiller showed a restoration of 20% in kw/ton and 25% in COP. The results were reviewed and verified by a P.E.

Bristol-Myers Squibb - Chiller - US

Our nanotechnology solution was installed in a York YKJH 1279-ton water-cooled chiller (R-134) owned by Bristol-Myers Squibb located in Wallingford, CT. The BMS chiller showed a 6.0% reduction in kW, a 20.8% reduction in kW/ton and a 26.2% improvement in COP.

Major Communications Company Data Center – Chiller – US

Our nanotechnology solution was installed in a Carrier 19XR5555 Evergreen 510-ton Centrifugal Chiller (R-134) supporting a mission-critical data center for a Major U.S. Communications Company. A restoration in efficiency of 7.6% in kW/ton an 8.2% improvement in COP were realized for the client. The introduction of our solution has restored a significant amount of chilled water capacity to support this critical facility which has resulted in much lower operational costs. This chiller now has the ability to handle the complete load of the facility while operating at 82% versus 100% prior to being treated with our solution. These results were verified and examined by a third party P.E.

Beamis - Chiller – US

The Beamis-Curwood facility in Illinois installed our nanotechnology solution into a 210-ton Carrier AquaSnap Air-cooled Chiller (2005) equipped with R-410 refrigerant. The chiller is a process chiller and is under year-round demand. There was an improvement (restored) of 23.8% in kw/ton with a 22% improvement in COP.

Seattle Mariners - Safeco Field - Chiller – US

The installation of our nanotechnology solution was on a Trane 32-ton DX system and uses R-22 refrigerant. Data verification was derived by Metasys (Johnson Controls Building Management System). In addition to these improved efficiencies, the 
percentage improvement of thermal exchange (BTU) was 29%.

Eckerd College – Chiller – US

Our nanotechnology solution chiller product was installed in an underperforming 6 year old York YCAS 250 ton air-cooled screw chiller equipped with R-22 refrigerant. This unit services 13 buildings all which are a part of the same water loop. The Armacost York chiller formerly required both of its compressors in order to reach set point for typical conditions, but after the installation, now only one is necessary. The ECM showed a reduction of 26.3% in energy usage in the chiller.

Mervyns – Chiller – Texas

Two 158-ton York Chillers model YCWJ58RS-48PE equipped with R-22 refrigerant. Third party verification engineering company utilized the Micro Air program which is a computer-generated calculation program based off of ASHRAE & ARI industry standards. These units had a COP improvement of 35% (Ch 1) and 30% (Ch 2).

Gold Field’s House – Chiller – Australia

Gold Field’s House Multiplex Property Trust, a high-rise facility in Sydney, Australia, installed our nanotechnology solution in a York Centrifugal Water Chiller YTDL – E2 – JCL. The COP increased by 25.58 %. The improvement in the heat transfer in both the evaporator and condenser resulted in an efficiency increase of 15 % in cooling capacity and a decrease of 8% in compressor power input.

Bridgestone-Firestone – DX - Tampa, FL

The installation of our nanotechnology solution was completed at three Bridgestone-Firestone locations in the Tampa, FL metro area. The units were all packaged rooftop units using R-22 refrigerant and totaling 35 tons (Two Trane TCH180 units and a Carrier 50TM006). Restored system efficiency across all three units improved by an average of 22.5%, while the EER across the units rose by 22.1%.

McCormick (Spice) & Company - DX – Maryland

McCormick (Spice) & Company in Maryland installed our nanotechnology solution in a 50-ton Trane SWUA-5004 water-cooled packaged unit, using R22 refrigerant, that serves the 4th floor of the facility. Total system efficiency restored was 32.3%, while the EER rating of the unit rose by 39.9%. These efficiency gains were reviewed and verified by a P.E.

Hertz Corporation – DX – LA & NV, US

The Hertz Corporation installed our nanotechnology solution into 3 facilities which included 15 packaged units using R-22 refrigerant. The units vary in tonnage from 2.5-tons up to 12.5-tons for a total of 72-tons. Total kWh use across all three (3) locations dropped by an average of 24%.

Pizza Hut - DX – US

Our nanotechnology solution was installed in five pieces of equipment which included a walk-in freezer, walk-in refrigerator, kitchen HVAC, reach-in refrigerator and dining room HVAC. A P.E. firm installed energy monitoring devices installed prior to our solution’s installation to track efficiency improvements on all 5 units. The savings realized for the 5 pieces was 10.2%. These results were verified by the same P.E.

Whitney National Bank – DX – 5 States (110 locations) - US

The portfolio analysis on the installation of our nanotechnology solution was in 110 bank locations in Southeastern US. A total of 2,828,602 kWh were saved in 2007 with estimated savings of $325,000. Whitney National Bank also recorded a 22% decrease in maintenance costs for 2007.

US Army (EMIP Truck Study) - US

Our nanotechnology solution was installed into a Carrier DX Transicold Supra 744 refrigerated transport unit for the demonstration of the product line’s ability to reduce HVAC system kilowatt consumption. Our Solution does this by allowing the refrigerated unit to produce colder dryer air which results in reduced run-time. Reducing run-time reduces the kilowatts (kWh) needed to run the refrigerated system and reduces the fuel necessary to run the generator. There was a reduction of 21.5% in pull down time for the refrigerated truck.

Tafe SA Automotive – Vehicle A/C System - South Australia

This test was administered at Tafe SA, Automotive Department in South Australia. All tests were conducted in the Automotive Workshop at the Elizabeth Campus of TAFE SA. After injecting our nanotechnology solution into the vehicle’s AC unit, the post treatment reading was 7.4 C (12.4 C pre); yielding a 5.1 C improvement in output. Compressor failures are the # 1 claims against automotive warranties. Our solution reclaims lost efficiency by removing oil fouling from the inside of the coils. This oil fouling causes the compressor to work harder. The use of our nanotechnology allows the compressor to not work as hard to get the refrigerant through the system and it extends the life of AC systems up to 25%

Guinness – Refrigeration Unit - Dublin Ireland

Our nanotechnology solution was installed in a 1.5 HP Refrigeration Unit in the Beer Cold Room, a Lunite Hermetique Condensing Unit and a Friga Bohn Evaporating Unit. The system showed significant increases in compressor efficiency of 8.9%, COP 13.3% and cooling capacity of 13.9%.

Austin Community College - DX – Austin Tx

Austin Community College installed our nanotechnology solution on a rooftop DX unit air conditioning system. The net reduction in energy consumption was 26.34% for the period. These results were gathered and verified by a P.E. with a third party engineering firm.

Bell Foods - Cold Food Storage Freezer – Hanrahan, LA

The implementation of our nanotechnology solution was performed at the Bell Foods Cold Food Storage Facility in Harahan, LA. Product was installed in Freezer, Cooler and A/C units manufactured by Hussman/Krack, 7 units total. All units were equipped with R-22 and R-404 refrigerants. The average savings for the period was 9.6% in kWh.

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