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FAQ: Product for HVAC Efficiency Improvement

Will this product negatively affect my HVAC equipment warranty? 

    $ 1 million insurance on each HVAC unit

   $ 1 million insurance on each HVAC unit

Absolutely not.  Over 100,000 successful installations worldwide. NO damage to any customer equipment.

The product is NOT an oil additive. It DOES NOT affect the viscosity, flashpoint or any other characteristics of the oil or the refrigerant.

That is what all manufacturers are worried about when they hear something is being added to a system. They spend millions of dollars having oils developed for each of their systems to handle the temperatures and compressor types. They don’t want anything changing that oil that has not been tested. We would feel the exact same way if we were in their shoes.

Our product simply uses the refrigerant as a transport mechanism to allow it to quickly find and condition all exposed metal within a system.

What does this product do?

This product is a liquid that is installed into the suction side of any HVAC or refrigeration system; it is not an oil or refrigerant additive. Your HVAC unit has to be operating for us to install it and you will have no down time associated with the installation and subsequent use of your system.

Unlike traditional system additives, at no time in the treatment process does it materially or chemically affect the viscosity, flashpoint or anything else about the refrigerant or oil in the unit. It is also not a detergent or solvent that scrubs oil from where it is needed, leaving a bare surface. It simply uses the refrigerant as a transport mechanism to carry it throughout the system.

Why do you call it a “Surface Science” and not an Oil Additive?


This product is categorized as surface science because once inside a system, the product immediately seeks out all metal, embedding itself into the microscopic crystal lattice and taking itself out of circulation. The chemical process is actually one of displacement; replacing the refrigerant oil coating on the heat exchanger(s) and all metal surfaces. This displacement action then produces a permanent coating on the metal surface, resulting in superior protection, greater stability and improved heat transfer properties.

Working together, these actions result in energy savings at the unit of 10-30% and an ROI in months, not years.

How quickly does it work?


The displacement of oil fouling within any HVAC/R system happens slowly over several weeks. After the initial oil fouling is removed from the coils, the combination of the treated surfaces and the fast moving refrigerant flowing across those surfaces, prevents oil fouling from ever reoccurring. This newly treated surface also allows metal to dissipate heat more effectively. Heat is the primary cause of metal degradation and other catastrophic failures.
Inside the compressor, the product will not, in any way, impede the design specifications of the instantaneous oiling system. The compressor’s oil will still adhere to the treated surfaces long enough to provide the needed operational lubrication. The product also enhances the lubrication properties of the oil in the system because the surface of the metal has been improved. This allows the oil to provide even more effective lubrication because there is less surface friction to overcome.

What are the main benefits of using this product?

  1. Remove oil fouling from the heat exchange surfaces, allowing the system to reach set-point temperatures sooner.

  2. Enable the HVAC/R unit to shut off or unload for longer periods.

  3. Other benefits include:

    1. A reduction of 10-30% in energy consumption in the unit
    2. Improvement in the thermal transfer ability of the system.
    3. The restoration of system capacity and SEER lost over time.
    4. A slight reduction in Amp draw due to better lubrication.

What is the name of this product?

We work with a distributor of this product and we are paid to help promote it. In order for us to get credit for making you aware and informed of this product, we must register you with the manufacturer. We will be delighted to share complete product information with customers that provide their contact information to us for this purpose. All your contact information will be held in strict confidence.

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