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Services: AFS Energy Solutions Program

Program Overview

Click above to view the Energy Solutions program info at AFS

Click above to view the Energy Solutions program info at AFS

The American Foundry Society developed the AFS Energy Solutions Program to help AFS members manage their energy costs and improve their bottom line.

We don't sell melting equipment, air compressors or any other hardware or supplies typically used in a foundry. We have no hidden agenda.

With energy prices increasing, the profitability of any metalcasting facility may be at risk. This program provides customized solutions to help AFS Corporate Members manage this cost risk in a comprehensive manner.

Program History

  • AFS Energy Solutions Program formed in October, 2008
  • Special service for AFS Corporate Members
  • Conducted workshops, presentations and panel discussions at every CastExpo and Casting Congress since 2008.

Program Purpose

  • Supplement foundry resources for Energy Risk Management
  • Identify & recruit appropriate resources for foundry needs
  • Vet & provide trusted resources; overseen by AFS


  • Free review of foundry issues, concerns and plans
  • Free consultation to determine “good fit” program resources
  • Free proposal and cost estimates for recommended activities

Program Components

  • AFS Oversight, Vetted
    • Brian Reinke, Program Director
  • Energy Supply Procurement Services (deregulated states)
    • Electricity
    • Natural Gas
  • Energy Efficiency & Productivity Improvements
    • Entire Facility
    • Energy Hogs
           Sub-metering system

           Sub-metering system

A key component of the AFS Energy Solutions Program is an innovative sub-metering technology designed specifically to find savings opportunities in foundries.

You know how much energy is used by your operations, but do you know where it's being used and how efficiently?

This "next generation" technology, when combined with our sophisticated data analysis capabilities, reveals significant saving opportunities by combining:

  • Process-related information
  • Real-time metrics collected from multiple sensors
  • Presentation in a user-friendly interface
  • Results available to any authorized user with access to our cloud-based data servers

Energy Supply Side Management

We Believe:

  • Energy purchasing is first and foremost a RISK MANAGEMENT EXERCISE and not a typical procurement activity;
  • Foundries need a consultant who understands their needs and tailors a risk management strategy around those needs; and
  • Client service always comes first. If entering into a contract is not in your best interest, we will advise you not to enter such an agreement.

How we can help AFS Corporate Members:

  • We evaluate your specific energy consumption requirements and incorporate your future plans into your requirements.
  • We utilize consultative and procurement expertise to find the best energy supply options available, for both natural gas and electric supply.
  • Our Reverse Auction Platform streamlines the procurement process. It typically takes less than 15 minutes to identify the best market rates and execute a contract.
  • We review all contracts to remove undesirable terms and conditions - before you sign.
  • If you choose to move forward, you pick the supplier, rate and contract terms that you prefer.

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