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Combining real-time, process -related information with electric power consumption data is the key to our innovative smart sensor technology.  It has been used to identify energy saving opportunities in a range of applications–including commercial facilities and manufacturing processes.  We've discovered that some of the most significant energy saving opportunities are only apparent after analyzing this unique  combination of energy and process data.  Use Smart Sensor Energy Monitoring to:

Reduce monthly electricity bills

    • Identify power costs for each piece of equipment
    • Explore savings opportunities for largest energy guzzling equipment/systems
    • Prioritize energy efficiency projects

Identify significant process improvement opportunities

    • Reduce energy use and costs
    • Reveal and eliminate inefficient operations/practices

Gain additional management insights

    • Streamline critical path opportunities to improve throughput
    • Monitor critical path activities that facilitate quick responses to potential bottlenecks
    • Determine accurate energy costs per production unit ($/widget)

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 Where Smart Sensor Energy Monitoring technology is being used today (need to add processes and/or industry sectors)

    • Foundries

  • Paper production
  • Refrigeration
  • BLower systems


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